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Plant Lists Published

Plant Lists

General location of garden areas

To help visitors learn more about plants, we have compiled these preliminary lists of plants located in various parts of the garden. While these lists are not complete, and the entire garden is not yet inventoried, we hope that these inital steps will help everyone learn more about plants and enjoy the diversity of life growing in the James G. Kaskey Memorial Park. Please refer to the map above, as well as the short discriptions of each area below to select the correct plant lists.


1) The patio between Lynch Laboratories and Levin Building (for plants located in the bioswale please see below) - CLICK HERE

2) Bioswale/rain garden located between Lynch Laboratories and Levin Building - CLICK HERE

3) The Knoll - this is the area located above the patio between Lynch Laboratories and Levin Building (1) and is accessible from flag stone path running along the east of Levin building - CLICK HERE

4) Hamilton Walk Entrance - area alongside the brick path coming off of Hamilton Walk. This list only contains the perennial plants located in this area (it does not inlcude the annual display beds located on either side of the Leidy building entrance) - CLICK HERE

5) This is a new garden area planted above the BioPond to the East of the waterfall. It can be found by walking to the narrow end of the BioPond and up the stairs leading towards Lynch Laboratories - CLICK HERE

6) The Fernery - This is the recreated historic fernery (a feature that was original to the garden in 1899). The hardy fernery is located along the west side of the boardwalk starting at the narrow end of the BioPond - CLICK HERE

7) The Herb Garden - this herb garden is located along the brick path eminating from the Southeast enterance of Lynch Laboratories and leading towards the biomedical complex. - CLICK HERE

8) The Pollinator Garden - this garden area is located in the south lawn area, a popular place for people to come eat their lunch and enjoy the sunshine. - CLICK HERE